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TRL Rents Unit 7448-V081

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Vehicle Specifications

Year: 2008
Make: Tiiger
Model: Mini Derrick/Aerial Bucket
Miles: 0
Hours: Updating
Engine: Kohler (Two Speed Throttle)
Horsepower: 30 hp
Description: 2008 Tiiger Mini Derrick/Aerial Bucket with Quick Connect to change from Digger to Aerial with a 40' Work height and Hydraulic Leveling. Amazing 32" Width!
Other: Fully Proportional Hydraulic System with Wireless Radio Remote Controls, Tracked Unit, Parking Brake.

Equipment Specifications

Year: 2008
Make: Tiiger
Model: Mini Derrick with Aerial Bucket
Work Height: 40'
Sheave Height: 40'
Capacity: 3,100 lbs.
Outriggers: Hydraulic Radial with Manual Extensions
Bucket Style:Single Man with Hydraulic Leveling
Material Handling:Yes
Other:Unit has a 20' Side Radius without Jibs for Aerial. The Digger has 2,800 ft. lbs. of torque to bore an 18" hole up to 8 feet deep with a 13 foot operational radius. Overload Protection and Limit Switches, LMI, Complete Gauge Package, and Pole claws.

Body Specifications

Overall Length: 14' Stowed Length
Overall Width: 32
Height: 8' Stowed Height
Hitch: Pintle
Other: Unit comes with Trailer and Digger Sheave/Aerial Bucket Quick Connect Option.
Digger Derricks
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2008 Tiiger Mini Derrick/Aerial Bucket 2008 Tiiger Mini Derrick with Aerial Bucket Digger Derricks Fleet # 7448-V081 Digger Derricks Bucket Truck Rental