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Backyard Digger Derrick/Bucket Rental Equipment

TRL Rents’ Back Yard Unit inventory consists of small tracked aerial devices, digger derricks, and combination unit (both aerial device and digger derrick). With a small width of 35”, this type of unit is just the right size to fit inside a gated back yard for hard-to-reach electrical or forestry work.

With TRL Rents as your rental partner, we will deliver...What you need to get the job done.

Back Yard Digger Derrick and Aerial Buckets

Back Yard Bucket

Our back yard units consist of a combination digger/aerial devise (with a 40’ sheave height and a 40’ aerial workheight) which is perfect for applications in backyards and narrow right-of-ways. We also carry the Versalift VersaTrack unit that has a 40' workheigh, Telescoping and Articulating, Insulated aerial mounted on a tracked carrier exclusively for aerial work.