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TRL Rents has a strong reputation for providing quality, well maintained units as we strive to exceed our customerís expectations when renting or purchasing one of our units.

As a part of the Time Manufacturing family, we are proud to feature the Versalift line of equipment. Versalift has long been revered as the unit that will provide the lowest cost of operation throughout the life of the unit.

A quality unit coupled with the fact that all of our inventory is maintained to the highest standards by factory-trained technicians. Therefore, when purchasing a unit, you can buy with confidence knowing the unit has current inspections and is ready to go to work.

Not only will you have access to the highest-quality fleet in the industry, but you will also have access to our professional staff that will help to assess your needs and guide you with their knowledge to help find the right solution for your need.


  • 100 point inspection program
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Fleet Maintained units
  • All units have Current ANSI, Dielectric (when applicable) and DOT inspections.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn a portion of your business as we look forward to working with you to show you the TRL Rents difference.

Here are some featured units that are ready for you now:

Aerial Bucket Trucks 30 ft - 45 ft

2015 Altec TA-40 Aerial Bucket Trucks 30 ft - 45 ft
Altec TA-40 2015 Ford F-650 XLT
Unit Number: 8145-DK01
Equipment:Altec TA-40
Description:2015 Ford 650-XLT with a Triton V-10 Gas Engine and Automatic Transmission with an Altec, TA-40, 45' Workheight, Insulated, Telescoping and Articulating Aerial Lift. Under CDL! FOR SALE ONLY.
Location:Charlotte, NC

Aerial Bucket Trucks 46 ft - 65 ft

2015 Versalift VO355MHI Aerial Bucket Trucks 46 ft - 65 ft
Versalift VO355MHI 2015 Peterbuilt 365
Unit Number: 5166-2275
Equipment:Versalift VO355MHI
Description:2015 Peterbilt 365 (LOW MILES!) with a Versalift VO-355-MHI, Articulating, Insulated, Material Handling Aerial Lift. (5) Units Available!

Aerial Bucket Trucks 66 ft - up

2001 Ruthmann TU-93-A Aerial Bucket Trucks 66 ft - up
Ruthmann TU-93-A 2001 Ford F-750
Unit Number: 5191-0001
Equipment:Ruthmann TU-93-A
Description:2021 Ford F-750 with a Ruthmann TU-93-A, Telescoping, UNDER CDL, Non-Insulated Aerial Lift with a 93' Workheight. *93' Workheight and UNDER CDL!

2012 Condor CTA-170-S Aerial Bucket Trucks 66 ft - up
Condor CTA-170-S 2012 Kimble 8x6
Unit Number: 6193-1401
Equipment:Condor CTA-170-S
Description:PU140001 - 2012 Kimble 8x6 Chassis with a Cummins Diesel and an Allison RDS4500 Transmission with a Condor CTA-170-S, Telescoping & Artuculating, 170' Workheight, Non-Inuslated Aerial Lift.
Location:Rialto CA - Available Soon!

1999 Bronto S180-HDT Aerial Bucket Trucks 66 ft - up
Bronto S180-HDT 1999 Tor BC8680 8x6
Unit Number: 7199-V082
Equipment:Bronto S180-HDT
Description:1999 Bronto, 185' Articulating and Telescoping, Non-Insulated Platform Lift, Rear Mounted, on a 1999 Tor 8x6 Flatbed Truck. Cummins M11-400E Diesel with Engine Brake, Eaton Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Fabco Transfer Case, Rear Steer and Dual Front Steering Axles.
Location:Rialto, CA - Available Soon!


2015 Scorpion TL-3 Attenuators
Scorpion TL-3 2015 Ford F-750 4x2
Unit Number: 7005-5563
Equipment:Scorpion TL-3
Description:2015 Ford F-750 with a Cummins Diesel Engine and an Automatic Transmission with a Traffix, Scorpion T-3 Crash Attenuator with an Arrow Board.
Location:Canton, OH

2016 Traffix Scorpion TL-3 Attenuators
Traffix Scorpion TL-3 2016 International 4300 4x2
Unit Number: 7005-5827
Equipment:Traffix Scorpion TL-3
Description:2016 International 4300 4x2 with a Traffix Scorpion TL-3 Attenuator with Arrow Board and Stake Body. UNDER CDL!
Location:Canton OH

Digger Derricks

2010 Terex General Model 8465 Digger Derricks
Terex General Model 8465 2010 International 7400 SFA 6x6
Unit Number: 7460-V181
Equipment:Terex General Model 8465
Description:2010 International 7500 6x6 with a Diesel Engine and an Automatic Transmission with a Reconditioned and Remounted Terex General, 65' Sheave Height, Insulated Digger Derrick. Stock# 7460-V181
Location:Canton, OH - Available Soon!

Pressure Drills

2008 Texoma 330-20 Pressure Drills
Texoma 330-20 2008 Powertraxx 15SW-H
Unit Number: 7528-V300
Equipment:Texoma 330-20
Description:2008 Powertraxx 15SW-HT Tracked Carrier with a Cummins Diesel Engine and a Hydrostatic Transmission with a Texoma 330-20, Direct Drive, 20' Drill Depth Pressure Drill Powered by a John Deere Diesel Engine. Unit has a 48" slide and is a wiggle tail. **DRILL AND CARRIER CAN BE SEPARATED AND SOLD SEPARATELY**
Location:Canton, OH - Available Soon!

Reel Trailers, Pullers, and Tensioners

2015  Single Drum Puller Reel Trailers, Pullers, and Tensioners
Single Drum Puller 2015 TSE DPT-60
Unit Number: 7265-V251
Equipment: Single Drum Puller
Description:2015 TSE DPT-60, Single reel puller with 10,000 feet of rope with up to 6,000 lbs of line pull.
Location:Canton, OH